Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just a few notes.

Here are a handful of pictures and just a few notes from this past week.
We stayed home on the 4th so we could put Owen to bed at his normal time 7:15. He's finally on such a good schedule we just didn't want to mess with it when we have church early on Sunday mornings. Also, it's just been too hot to take the kids out. Carter really didn't care for anything firework related. He would sign "done" and hide behind me. But given Carters reaction to the fireworks we had at the house, I'm glad we didn't bother going anywhere bigger. Maybe next year.
Now that Owen is bigger we've decided to let him lose in the bathtub with Carter. Here he is tackling Carter. I believe this is the only time he has the upper hand. Carter is usually slapping his own belly followed by jumping down in the water to create a monster splash covering the entire bathroom. Owen is not a big fan of the splashing.
Carter enjoying some cookie dough. Owen eating some beef stroganoff. Doesn't he have the best baby blues?
An afternoon pep talk from Carter to Owen after church. Carter is definitely two and has decided he has his own opinion on things. Sometimes he wants to be helpful and I love it, other times he refuses to do things and simply shakes his head no. I asked him to smile, say cheese for the camera. He decided he would much rather look at his cars book. But hey, at least Owen still smile for me.
He's up and cruising. Pulling up on everything and gaining more balance. I love that he still has his baby arm rolls.

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Laura Gilgen said...

Your boy's are Cute!!!