Friday, June 5, 2009


Carter is two. It feels like overnight my baby turned into a toddler with the attitude and personality to match. He's coming into his own and it is exciting to see the changes taking place. He is learning that he has his own opinion and although he's not talking as much as others, it's exciting to hear him learn new words and use them. He's still a great sleeper and napper and goes in spurts of being a good eater or not. He's a great big brother to Owen and is learning to share with him. Not a day goes by that he doesn't make me laugh and smile, of course there are days when he spends quite a bit of time in time out. But I suppose it's all part of the process of learning boundaries. Carter is a wonderful little spirit and we feel very blessed to have him in our home. We can't remember what it was like without him and wouldn't want to. We love you little man.
Here are a few things about Carter.
  • He loves fruit snacks, milk, beef stroganoff, ranch and ketchup, anything chick-fil-a, chocolate chip cookies and donut holes.
  • His favorite animal is a dog. Anything with four legs, other than a cow, is referred to as a dog.
  • He loves to give hugs and kisses and will only go to bed at night after giving me a kiss. I love that!
  • He loves the water, bath tub, shower, pool, or ocean. Doesn't matter he's like a fish and will stay in until his entire body is wrinkled.
  • He's a good helper around the house and likes to dust, vacuum and will help clean up his toys if you sing the clean up song.
  • His favorite song right now is "head, shoulders, knees and toes."
  • He loves cars, balls, shoes, socks and hats.
  • His favorite book is,"My big rescue book" filled with firetrucks.
  • He's very independent and will go off to play with other children at the gym, in nursery at church and at playgrounds. But will always come back to me if he falls to get a kiss and all better.
  • He loves to flush the toilet. Good for potty training, (he went #1 four times yest. and #2 once- hurray!) a little scary in that now he knows how to flush it and I hope he doesn't flush toys down it in the future.
  • He still snuggles with me, loves to give Owen hugs and loves to watch youtube with daddy and climb on his daddys back and get rides to bed.
  • He's a great example for all of us. He's the first to fold his arms at each meal to bless the food and also is the first to fold his arms for prayers each night.

For Carters birthday last night we went out to dinner at Chick-fil-a. It's always a challenge eating out with two little guys. For example, Carter dumped the flower vase over spilling water all over the table, I then went to clean it up and dumped the fries on the floor. Never a dull moment. I believe the highlight of dinner for Carter was his ice cream cone and the highlight for Owen was his first french fry.

Owens first french fry. Opening presents. Owen was getting into the action as well by eating whatever he could manage to get into his mouth. Mike's cousin came into town and dropped off a present for Carter. He's in love with it! He couldn't wait to get it out of the box then hounded Mike until he put it together and hasn't left it alone since. Thank you again!

Posing for a picture with daddy.

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