Monday, June 1, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My.

Last week during our stay-cation we took a morning and went to visit the Houston Zoo. I'd been wanting to take Carter there for awhile now and just wasn't prepared enough to go by myself with both boys. Going with Mike makes me a lot braver, because I know the numbers are even and we'll be able to tag team to make everyone happy. We had a lot of fun looking at the animals and even taking in a little story time while we were there. The Hermann Park area where the zoo is at is gorgeous. There are tons of things to do and for me it was like an entirely different side of Houston that I'd never seen. Parks, trees, green grass, water, fountains, paddle boats, playgrounds, museums all in one place. The most ironic part of it all is that all of these "hidden Houston treasures" are merely 100 yards from the hospital/ med center where I delivered both boys and spent two solid weeks at for Owen. If only I had looked out my window more often in the hospital, or taken a different route there, or even just ventured out a little more we could have been enjoying all of this before the Houston summer hit. I do have plans to go back and explore the rest, only I'm thinking I'll wait until a June cold front, who am I kidding?, or just wait until the fall comes, maybe that way Owen will be walking too and can enjoy it more without stroller confinement.
Carter and Mike in the petting zoo, the poor goat thought it was hot too.
See the monster bulls and horns in the background? Huge!
Here are the boys in their mode of transportation at the zoo. Normally Carter is afraid of elephants, thanks to the rainforest cafe, but real elephants he didn't seem to mind. The whole time we were standing there I was praying the elephant didn't make any fast movements or loud noises. He complied and even did a little dance, swaying side to side.
Finally our zoo adventurer, climbing on everything we would let him. He had fun!


The Youngblood Family said...

What fun! We need to get a group together and go during the summer. You look great!

lynette said...

The Houston Zoo is really nice, especially on a cool day!