Friday, June 5, 2009


You can't have a birthday and not have cake. I decided to make cupcakes this year. I thought they would be more toddler friendly and bite size. As long as it had chocolate frosting Carter was happy. He even managed to blow out his own candles. I was impressed. Here is the play by play of his cupcake.
"Can I eat these?"
"Who needs hands when you can use your face to dig in?"
"Ok, so maybe by using my hands I can get more into my mouth."
"This is delicious, thank you mommy."
"Ohh...The chocolate goodness is all over my fingers.... want some?"
Happy Birthday song (you could just click to the end and skip my singing, sorry) and blowing out the candles. I promise it looks like I helped but really it was all him. He likes to blow on all of his food, esp. french fries from the drive through window.

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