Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Snack Stealer.

Owen is working on finger foods. He likes the little Gerber banana puffs, but so does Carter. Here is the snack stealer in action.
First he checks out the stash... hmm, looks like Owen has puffs.
Then he looks around to see if anyone is watching... coast is clear accept mom and the camera.

And then goes in for the kill... move your hand Owen.Then he devours the evidence of his thievery... ah ha those puffs are mine! Yet even with most of his banana puffs stolen Owen still smiles for mommy. Fully knowing that I will refill his tray with yummy finger food goodness.
In addition to raiding whatever is on Owens tray, Carter also likes to dig through the pantry. Mostly for fruit snacks, but today he thought he was hilarious and went for the baby food. For some reason whatever is on Owen's food menu is much better than what Carter has. Even if Carter has nuggets, he wants Owens mashed carrots. We've digressed a little.


Heather said...

Ha ha! So cute! Ayden raids our pantry too and brings out the most random things, like Cheez-its for breakfast. I'm so ready for the finger food stage! Almost there.

stacibee said...

Ha, ha, ha! I can't believe you were able to catch the whole sequence of events on camera. Angie, your boys are SO cute!

Angie and Mike said...

Hey Staci, It wasn't my intended purpose to catch the snack stealing process. I was actually trying to get them both to smile at me and fell into the sequence you see. Funny how it works. These were much funnier than just a smile photo.
Hugs, A

lynette said...

oh my! the first two pictures are hilarious! his little face says it all!