Friday, May 22, 2009


Sometimes I think Carter doesn't hear me. Other times I think he hears me but chooses to ignore me. Earlier I learned that not everything I do falls on deaf ears in our home and our toddler is more aware and taking in more than I had thought.

We were outside playing the other day, Carter and dad were enjoying the water while Owen and I hung out on the patio in the shade throwing the ball for our dog Stieger. When we were done throwing the ball, Steiger would come drop it at our feet and bark. We were done but he wasn't so he kept barking. All of a sudden Carter comes tromping across the patio towards Stieger. Brings his finger to his mouth and says, "Shh." Steiger barks again and Carter continues to tell him to "shush." Impressive. Perhaps when I tell Carter to "shh" during church on Sunday he might listen.

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lynette said...

hahahaha! that's so cute! ammon and i often tell the kids "not today" when they ask for something at the store, etc. and wes has begun to say it all the time.

"wes, clean up your toys!"

"not today, mommy."