Friday, May 22, 2009

Mommy Sick.

On Tuesday I was sick all day with a migraine. I felt awful and spent most of the day laying in bed in our dark bedroom. I'm so grateful Mike was home to take care of the boys. He did a great job of putting on his mister mom hat and held down the fort while also taking care of me. Carter had a harder time with the idea that his mommy was home but not able to play with him. Mike would tell him that I was sick and let him come say hello, give me a kiss and then escort him back downstairs to play. So in turn for the rest of the day Carter would walk around saying, "mommy sick." I thought it was cute and made me feel loved and missed.
I uploaded the camera pictures yesterday and found a few that Mike had taken while I was sick. Here's one of Owen. Should I be worried? Or entertained at the fact that while I was sick my husband and baby played with power tools together? I won't mention the expression on the baby who decided to not take a nap the entire day!


Heather said...

I think when Daddy is taking care of the kids it's better to NOT have pictures. I don't want to know. LOL

lynette said...

mom being sick is the WORST! hope you're feeling better soon!