Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Slide.

Mike has been on vacation for over a week now. Instead of traveling we decided to enjoy a "stay-cation." It costs less, doesn't require airplanes or long car rides, optimizes our time together as family and also allows Mike to complete some tasks around the house that have been piling up. (These projects will be its own post.) To start off our staycation we purchased a slide from Craigslist, how I love craigslist these days! Since then we've spent several afternoons and late mornings playing in the backyard. We've tossed the ball around, played in the sprinkler, baby pool, on the slide, soaked each other with the hoses, washed the dog and just sat in the lawn chairs and enjoyed the sun. It was a perfect Houston weather week and I have loved being able to let Carter out to enjoy it. I now have dreams of a swing set, which Mike said he could make in a Saturday wohoo!, and a larger pool because the tiny one we have just isn't big enough to accommodate the slide.

Here's Carter enjoying his slide. He's still not speaking in a language that anyone can really understand, but at the end you can tell he wanted to tell you how awesome it was and how much he loves his slide. :)

Carter and Steiger are also spending some quality time together on our staycation. Carter throws the ball and Steiger fetches it. Carter chases daddy and Steiger around with the hose. Carter eats a Popsicles and Steiger waits for the moment it falls on the ground or is low enough that he can steal a lick. yuck.

On a totally unrelated note, Owen is starting to pull up on things. Just barely. I walked into his room last week and there he was standing holding onto the crib. I couldn't believe it! Since then he's managed to get onto his knees but hasn't pulled all the way up yet. Everyday he scoots himself a little farther and fools us all by not crawling. He gets on all fours and looks like he is going to take off, but then sits back down and laughs. I think he's holding out for our trip to Oklahoma to see Mikes family. Isn't he adorable? I look at him and think he's still a newborn, the reality is my baby is growing up far to quickly.


Cody and Jessie said...

That looks like so fun! Watching that really makes me with i had a back yard... What a good idea to just spend a vacation at home. It sounds like it's been so fun for your family! I love how Mike is such an handy-man. He should give Cody some tips ;)

The post below where carter fell asleep eating is hilareous... He is so so so cute.

Heather said...

Adorable. Why do they grow up so fast?

Kathy said...

uh oh sounds like he is going to walk before Kira did the same thing....your boys are so adorable. Take care

Laura Gilgen said...

How cute ! I love the water slide it looks like fun