Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When Daddy's Away...

When daddy is out of town all weekend...
  1. The kids decide to get sick on me and stop sleeping at night and taking naps.
  2. We skip church because the kids are sick and spend an entire day in our PJ's.
  3. All I eat is nachos and drink coke to survive. No point in cooking for one, especially because Carter won't eat at all.
  4. We don't take any pictures to document our "wonderful" weekend because he has the camera.
  5. In the need for adult interaction after chatting with a toddler all day, I scour face book looking for friends and check on people I grew up with and their new grown up lives.
  6. My inner "slob" decides to make an appearance... I haven't made the bed all weekend and the sink is full of dirty dishes and the dishwasher full of clean ones. (the list could go on and on)
  7. We all mope around and miss him.
Welcome home honey!


Jana Dille said...

hey ang, I missed seeing you at the funeral. Poor thing was stuck home with sick kids. That's no fun!

lynette said...

everyone's g;ad when daddy comes home--especially mom!