Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Sometimes I wonder what they are thinking and if their jabber back and forth really goes something like this...
Carter, "Hey there."
Owen, "How's it going?"
Carter, "Just Chillin Bro."
Carter is now adament that if I take a picture of Owen that he come sit by him and be included. This time he even brought the blanket over to snuggle up to Owen with.
Sometimes I wonder if Owen will look more like me, Mike or Carter. So I dressed Owen in his church clothes, same outfit that Carter wore when he was the same age (Thanks to Lynette) and thought we could compare the two. Hands down Owen wins the more hair award.
Owen 5 months.Carter 5 months. Owen 5 months.Carter almost 6 months, sitting up by himself.
Sometimes I wonder how I am going to entertain these two...And then I receive a package on the front door step from my dear high school bff, Tara and her hubby Jon. Do you see that amazing blanket she made for Owen... beautiful!
Entertainment provided in a small package. A fabulous train set! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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