Monday, March 2, 2009


I finally gave into the peer pressure and let Mike cut Owens hair last night. I lasted almost five months but the bald spots were getting larger and had started to round his head.

Now I am filled with remorse and feel like I am mourning the loss of his baby hair. Once you cut the baby hair off it feels like they are infants and no longer a baby.

Neither one of us are happy with the outcome, and I debated even posting about it. Maybe if I didn't post about it, it would just regrow overnight. We woke up this morning and no luck, he's still got a Mohawk and no hair on the sides. I wouldn't let Mike cut the top just yet, without a Mohawk he wouldn't be Owen to me. We might end up pulling a Colombian haircut like our friends and just shaving it all off and then razor it bald. Supposedly it makes it grow back fast and fuller. At this point, anything to make it grow back faster. Sad little guy, I can't bring myself to post a picture of the after, so here is the before and during.
Carter crashed the hair cutting party and brought friends. The boys half way through the haircut. Carter posing for the camera afterwards. If I take a picture of Owen he wants a picture of himself too.
Sidenote: I could have sworn I heard Carter this morning ask me "Where's daddy?" as he looked around the house for Mike. Mondays are hard on us all.


Heather said...

Oh dear, the big hair cut - that is the worst. I hate when they get those bald spots though. I'm sorry. At least you kept it long on top. What exactly did you cut? We need a picture, come on... document it, don't hide from it. :D

Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

ok i cant type today....what i said before was at least Owen is a boy..Tammy sported a mohawk for a long time before her curly hair grew in. I want to see a pic!! love ya take care

Kendall and Lee'sa said...

I think his hair is cute! I'm taking Kylee to a Natural Allergy Ellimination Therapist. Apparantly if you can get rid of the allergies that are breaking down the immune system the child won't get infections anymore. I'm also going to take her to a chiropractor. Sometimes all the tubes in the ears need are to be adjusted a little so they drain better. I was also shown a massage technique by a friend I do every day to help drain the ears better. You massage in the pressure point just behind the bottom of the ears then pull downward through the sides of the neck to help drainage. We'll see if this all works, so far so good. Let me know if you want to know anything else like who I go to and such. Good luck!