Saturday, March 14, 2009

Like Father Like Son.

Can you figure out where Mike spends most of his time while at home?
That's right, during this time of year, most of Mike's time is spent at his desk. Mouse in one hand, computer open and the ten key in the other hand. Carter has also noticed how hard Mike works, but Carter translated Mike working into Mike having fun. So this week while Mike was at work, he climbed into the chair next to me and got out all of daddies "toys" and one of his own. This mimic toddler stage is just way too much fun for all of those involved.
Like Father Like Son.

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lynette said...

so funny! wesley use to pretend talk on the phone and he would scratch his head. we always thought it just a funny little thing he did until I saw ammon do it one day and we realized he was mimicking him. kids really do watch everything we do!