Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just a cold.

So we've had a few rough days with the boys. Starting on Thursday, Carter started coming down with a cold, coughing and just not feeling well. My guess, the influx on children at the gym for spring break brought on a whole new spectrum of kid germs that he caught. Great.
Add to that Owen and his three day streak of waking up every hour and crying. Great. So Saturday morning, after three days of no sleep, I called the pediatrician, there has to be something wrong with this child and I was at my breaking point of no sleep. After making an appointment I walk into our bedroom to see Carter in bed with Mike. So I then called the doc back and made an appointment for Carter. Great.
The verdict, it's just a cold for Carter. And well, Owen, not sure about him, maybe just the same cold bug, or teeth, or growth spurt. He said Carter should start feeling better soon, only today after staying home from church and being quarantined at the house he's gotten worse. He won't eat, coughing worse and now running a fever. My guess, the mutant day care virus is progressing. Great.
On a lighter note, Owen slept last night and is now asleep. At least one of us is sleeping.
After a bath he's always thirsty. It's a battle to keep him from drinking the bath water or sucking water of the shelf in the shower.
Owens getting stronger each day he rolls from one side of the room to the other and is starting to swim on his tummy.
Fascinated with his toes. Here's his baby "hurkey." Is that how you spell the cheerleading jump?


lynette said...

What is it with kids drinking the shower water?! Wesley loves to lay on the shower floor and suck up the suds. It's so disgusting!!! I hope your boys start feeling better soon--for them and you!

Todd, Marie, Bronwyn, Magdalen, and Baby Ty. said...

It is so hard to not get enough sleep! I feel your pain. I thought I was seriously going to die when Magdalen was about 3 months old. Love all the pics. Owen is so chunky!

Noel Family said...

Oh man, the dreaded gym germs. I had to stop taking Mason to the gym in the winter because he was always getting so sick. So I had to go at night when Ryan got home from work, which just sucks! I'm still waiting until winter is officially over here so I can start taking him again.

adogsdream said...

Oh My, look at Owen's fat thighs! He's obviously eating well. . ha!