Saturday, March 21, 2009

Date Nights.

We've been pretty fortunate the past two weeks to have been able to go out on a few dates with just us... no kids. It's been great to reconnect and just spend some time together. Almost feels like we are back in college, especially when we go out with the Ramages.
Last night we went to the Houston Rodeo with Scott and Lindsay to see Taylor Swift. It was one of two sold out nights at the rodeo, 73k people sold out to be more specific. It was crazy and we were pretty far up in the stadium but we still had a good time. I'm a big Taylor fan so I was pretty pumped to hear my favorite songs and sing along with the rest of the sceaming teenage girls...when did I get old? Mike was a sport and put up with me singing in his ear and actually managed to have a smile on his face in the process. We spent a fortune on food, is it really ethical to charge $5.50 for a coke? The rodeo, concert and company were great. Even the babysitter turned out ok. All in all, I'd say it was a pretty terrific date night.
Last week my mom came into town and watched the boys for us so we could get out for awhile. We ventured out on a budget and saw a late movie at the $1.50 cinema. Not the best theatre but we still had fun being out and were pretty proud of ourselves for not spending very much money. Here's a picture taken on Mike's blackberry.

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lynette said...

cute new header! was taylor swift just as good live?