Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pirate Dance.

We are big fans of the Wiggles* in our home now. At least twice a day. Thank goodness for the DVR, we have 10 or more episodes at our fingertips. Carter loves to get super close to the tv and dance, or sometimes he'll sit in my rocking chair and watch. More times than others, he's up close and personal getting his groove on. :)

Thank you Wiggles for providing this dancing opportunity for our happy toddler.


lynette said...

I totally knew all the words to that song! Carly LOVED the wiggles when we lived in Utah. We even had the CD and listened to them in the car. That a true sign of parent--rockin' out to the Wiggles in the car.

Josh and Shyann Croke Family said...

You've got a river dancer in the making! Cute!