Thursday, February 5, 2009


Our good friends moved to Austin on Monday.

I am sad.

So is Carter.

We all loved Stacie, Tony and her boys.

She has four boys and Carter always fit right in with them.

He loved to wrestle with them and chase them around.

They put up with him beautifully and always hugged and loved him.

They took care of our dogs, and sometimes I think our dogs liked them better.

Stieger and Casey also miss you.

They lived around the corner and were always a pit stop on our walks.

I don't think we'll be able to walk that way anymore.

Carter cries if we go by their house and he doesn't get to say hello.

Imagine how shocked he'll be now when he discovers they're no longer there.

Stacie took care of us when we needed extra help.

She was my "Carter fell what do I do," the "I'm sick please take my kids," friend.

She provided such selfless service for our family.

She was and is a truly amazing friend.
Come Back.

We miss you already Stacie.
Craig, Mike, Owen, Carter, Anthony, Eric, Tony and Nathan.

The pictures are from last Sunday when they came over for dinner.

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lynette said...

i bet she feels the same way about leaving you. good friends are hard to find.