Saturday, February 14, 2009

Enchiladas, Donuts and Roses.

Valentines Day at the Dille house consisted of Mike working all day, me and the boys making it to the gym this morning and then taking long naps as it rained outside. Mike made it home at around 6 and we decided at the last minute to throw everyone in the car and go out for enchiladas and some chips and salsa. It wasn't a quite romantic dinner, but it was loud and crazy and a good reflection of our life with two little guys. After a long week of not seeing Mike we were happy to be together as a family of four. Even when Carter was being Carter and dipping his pop tarts in Mike's enchilada sauce. Apparently to his toddler taste buds that was better than anything else on the table.
Carter and Mike dancing to the mariachi band.
Owen was awake and happy during dinner too.
Although the mariachi band made him cry, a little too loud for him.
Owen 4 months chilling in the car seat after dinner.
My darling husband also brought me red roses and a chocolate donut from Shipleys. Simple and just the right thing for my sweet tooth.
Enchiladas, Donuts and Roses. Not a bad way to celebrate and spend Valentines Day... Not every girl gets to have three valentines. I'm pretty lucky.
A shout out to Grandpa Dille - Happy Birthday Val!
We hope you made it out of the office and out to dinner or somewhere else fun!


Cody and Jessie said...

Fun evening! But the part that I envied the most was the long naps while it rainied outside. That sounds cozy.

lynette said...

sounds practically perfect! happy valentine's day!

Heather said...

Oh I so miss Los Cucos!!