Friday, February 6, 2009

Bigger and Better.

Owen is getting stronger every day and is able to hold up his head better allowing him to move onto bigger and better baby gear. Owen is finally big enough for the excersaucer, as pictured above. In the last week, he's decided that he'd rather be in the bumbo instead of the bouncy seat and he's no longer stuck in the car seat when he's in the stroller. I'm able to strap him into the stroller and prop him up to look around. He loves it and is full of smiles and jabbers. Owen is also getting better at focusing and is always following me around with his eyes. He's starting to bring his hands together and this week he managed to get a toy into his mouth to suck on.
Owen is a joy to have around and really goes with the flow, as long as I'm around. He tends to freak out if he wakes up and I'm not around. This we'll need to work on. :) Carter loves having him around as well. He is starting to bring Owen toys when I prop him up on the couch. Right now Carter brings him his cars and books. I can't wait to see them play together when Owen is bigger and can hold his own a little better. I still have them sitting by each other in the car. I was worried about leaving them together at first, thinking that Carter would launch things at Owen. Surprisingly enough I think they both enjoy each other and having someone else to entertain them. As we left the mall yesterday I put both boys in the car, put the stroller away and peaked into the backseat to see them holding hands. Melted my heart. Boy am I lucky to have two wonderful children.
Here are a few more photos of my chunky monkey. He's still tipping the scales and staying in the 90th percentile. Look at those rolls and you'll see why.
Carter is still Carter. Busy as ever. This morning he climbed into the bath tub in his pjs and slippers and managed to turn the water on. He was happy as a clam to splash around as I ran into the bathroom to grab him. He's becoming more determined and is trying to figure things out and do them on his own. He is walking up the stairs, as long as you are there to hold his hand, and here he is trying to put on his slippers. There's a lot of growing happening in our house this week, exciting and bittersweet.
Carter trying out the rocking chair. Thanks Grandma & pa Dille and thanks daddy for taking time out of your busy schedule to put it together.Sitting in his rocking chair watching the last of the Super Bowl with daddy. He was so excited!


lynette said...

Your boys are so cute. No, actually cute isn't really the right word. They are handsome!
Carly and Wes were fabulous in the car together until Wes hit 2. Then it was a nightmare!

Cody and Jessie said...

It's so fun way babies reach new little stages and can use bigger toys, and sit in strollers and stuff! I love it! We need to get something like that toy thing Owen stands in for Cohen - i bet he would love it. And Owen is totally chunky and it is so so so cute. I LOVE chubby babies.

The Youngblood Family said...

Owen is getting so big and I just love his dark hair. I love reading about Carter and his water/bath adventures. Your boys are so cute Angie.

adogsdream said...

Look at that head of hair! I guess our children are definitely blessed with a full head of wild and crazy hair, aren't they?