Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Boys.

Last week was my first week all alone with the boys while Mike worked. I"m happy to say we all survived and I even manged to make dinner four times during the week. My mom finally headed off to San Antonio to work and it was sad to see her go. She was selfless and provided much needed love, support and service to our family. I know Carter misses her dearly and her morning pancakes, waffles and french toast. I miss her as well and was so grateful to have an extra set of hands to help around the house. Mike also appreciated her help, she made sure we had dinner on the table each night for Mike, and Mike was able to work not worrying or feeling guilty about keeping such long hours and being away from his family.
All in all, not much happened during the week. We did venture out one day to go grocery shopping. It's pretty tricky having Carter in the grocery cart seat, and then Owen in his car seat in the basket. Tricky in that there doesn't leave much room for actual groceries and I have to keep an eye on Carter to make sure he doesn't steal Owens pacifier. Carter is also learning to take advantage of the times with I am nursing Owen. He knows that I can't get up and chase him so he comes and steals whatever is around me and runs away with it, whether it is the TV remote, the phone, a burp cloth or even the pillow I am using to prop Owen up. This I can put up with more, it's the times he comes and throws things at us while I am nursing that I'm having a harder time being patient with. Needless to say, Carter is beginning to understand a little more what time out is, and I'm also making more of an effort to be proactive and keep him distracted with something else while I feed Owen.
We finally took Owen to church on Sunday. We only stayed for sacrament and sat in the back. I'm not even going to attempt staying for all three hours until Carter is 18 months old and can go into nursery, which is early December. Until then, I am one and done.
Here is our week in pictures.
Our boys dressed for church on Sunday. This was the best we could get and poor Owen is all slumped over. Owen in his church outfit, getting big so fast. Too funny! This is Carter telling us he is done holding Owen... And here Carter is pushing Owen off his lap, like I said, he told us he was done. :) Those are my hands catching Owen.
Carter smiling after climbing into his high chair all by himself. Owen in the bath tub. Carter sitting in a chair reading the Sunday newspaper ads.


Jeanette said...

Cute pictures! I agree with you on the church thing. I wish I had thought of that too. :(

lynette said...

I'm so glad to hear that it's been a smooth transition from one to two! I think your second is always easier because you already know what to expect. And, whoa! You cooked four nights this week?! I didn't even do that and I don't have a newborn!

Kendall and Lee'sa said...

Hey! I'm glad you found me! What a cute baby, and tons of hair too! How are you settling in? Funny side note for ya: I still haven't gotten my Shade order. Hahaha. I've called them 5 times and one girl said she'd go ahead and ship it, but I haven't gotten notice of that yet. Oh well, soon maybe. :) I hope everthing is "normal" for you and you're enjoying your boys. :)

The Youngblood Family said...

your boys are so cute Angie. I just love Owen's hair. Seeing him today makes me want another one! Keep up the great work... you are an awesome mom! :)

Cody and Jessie said...

I love the pictures! The one where Owen in the bathtub is precious! Ava learned that too, that when I was nursing Cohen she had free reign. She got into everything! It's getting better now that Cohen is getting older and nurses quicker. And the grocery cart thing... I've given in to the stupid carts that are like a car thing in the front with steering wheels and stuff. I've been avoiding them, but now that I have two kids it gives me a lot more space :)