Friday, October 10, 2008

Two Weeks.

Two weeks left and counting. Went in yesterday for my OB appointment and they officially moved up the induction date to Thurs. Oct. 23. So the plan is to check into the hospital the night before and have the baby the next day. Which is great. I'm starting to be uncomfortable all of the time and the need to be comfortable again is taking over my fear of labor. I guess this is my bodies way of telling me it's time to go. I just can't go into labor until my mom comes into town and that's not until the 20th or so. So looks like we're down to just two weeks.
(35 weeks pregnant, last Sunday night)
Life is beginning to get pretty hectic around here already. Mike seems to have taken on a lot of things and has a pretty big plate of things to accomplish. I can see the stress building already and it's only going to get deeper in two weeks with the new baby. Hopefully he'll be able to knock some of these "stresses" out this weekend and lighten his load a little. Work is starting to get busier and he still has two callings at church and is now speaking on Sunday. They called last night and wanted us both to speak, but Mike knew better to tell him that it would be too much for me right now. I have a hard enough time making it through Sunday with Carter these days, that there is just no way I could add speaking and still stay somewhat sane. Well, as sane as you can be this pregnant.
(Carter pretending to drive dads car. He climbed in the passenger side and up and over to play with the steering wheel. We're in trouble when he turns 16)

I believe Carter knows that there is a change coming. He wants to snuggle a lot more and always wants to sit in my lap. It's hard to believe how different life will be for all of us so soon. So I am trying to really enjoy the time I have with just him and I. Trying to take the time to just play with Carter. Today we went to the park with a playgroup from church. He had a blast. He loves to be outside right now. He just ran a muck and managed to only fall off the playground once. It was also a lot of fun for me to be outside at the park. It's funny to think that I am now one of the stay at home moms hanging out at the park with a child. I feel so lucky and blessed that Mike works so hard so I can have this opportunity to stay at home with our child. Although at times it is challenging and I think about throwing in the towel and going back to work, I'm truly grateful to be home.
Carters molars are coming in so nap times and bedtimes are a little tricky right now and involve a lot of Tylenol and baby orajel. He loves to brush his teeth and Mikes. Still loves nutrigrain bars and chasing the dogs around. Now he's mastered sneaking out of the doggy door, so we've had to keep it locked most of the afternoon. If not, one minute he's inside and the next he's outside running around in a onsie, barefoot, with his sippy cup in hand chasing the dogs. He's still not really talking, but he understands when we ask him to do things. He'll put things away (when he wants), bring specific objects to you if you ask, shut doors when asked, just to name a few. This is reassuring. I know that he gets it, he's just a little behind on talking.
Sorry about the long winded posts lately with not as many pictures. My plan is to turn our family blog into our family journal and get it published at the end of the year as a coffee table book. For this reason I know some of my posts may seem a bit random or a little boring. But bare with me, this is our life, our trials, our happiness, our disappointments, our hopes and our journey. Thanks for being a long for the ride. Hugs to you all!


matt and brynn said...

I am so excited for you that you only have two weeks left. Carter will adjust and love having a new baby at the house. Good Luck!!

Cody and Jessie said...

Oh my goodness! Two more weeks! I am so excited for you. You look amazing too! I LOVE having two kids - you are going to have a blast :)

Kathy said...

Wow time flies!!! Lots of prayers and wishes to a safe and wonderful delivery!! Carter is so cute. So have you picked out a name yet????
Love you oh email me your address I lost it.