Tuesday, August 5, 2008


It's been one of those weeks where everything and everyday seems to fly by in a whirlwind. Last week our good friends had a baby and moved to the other side of town all in just a few days. This alone kept Mike very busy helping his best friend. Carter and I have also been working on surviving. My baby has decided he no longer wants to be a baby and wants to be independent. We are working on the tantrums and becoming a big kid. It's been a trying week, especially on the days when he decides to only take an hour nap instead of three and the nights when he wakes up crying because of incoming teeth. No matter what our day is like, when Mike comes home he is the happiest kiddo around. You never would have guessed he had a melt down just hours before. Mike is always so willing to play with him and has also been a lifesaver, it's getting hard for me to bend over these days so Mike has been taking over Carters baths each night.
We had a very productive Saturday, almost too productive, we both woke up Sunday morning sore and so very tired still. Saturday was the first time in a long time that I can remember having Mike available to spend time with and not have to study. So we spent the day working on his "honey do" list and finishing other projects around the house, while trying to keep tabs on our little man. Who these days doesn't seem to stay still longer than five seconds and then gets up and runs to whatever has caught his eye. We managed to repaint some walls in the house, trim, mow and edge the yard and cleanup the flower beds and re mulch. We also cleaned the inside of the house and have worked on decluttering, most likely some pre-nesting. Oh, and we also washed the cars.... See the video below. We decided to leave the hose on a little for Carter this time in hopes he would be more helpful. Not so helpful, but totally entertaining!

Carter and Mike pulling my nice clean car into the garage.

Since our beach trip, Carter loves to climb in and out of these chairs. He's almost figured out how to get onto the couch. Sometimes he manages to make it, but mostly he's half an inch too short still.

In the meantime, tropical storm Edouard made landfall today in the Houston area. Mike's office was closed downtown so he was able to stay home with us. For the most part all we felt from the storm was a lot of rain this morning. By the afternoon the sun was out and it was back to being humid. It was nice that Mike was able to stay home and we also appreciated the rain to help green up our lawn. The most annoying part of the storm was the non stop news coverage this morning and the mass shopping the city seemed to do to stock up on water and such. So glad that we have planned ahead and try to keep food and water storage and 72 hour kits for situations like these. So all is well in Houston, atleast on the west side where we are. Mike heads back to work tomorrow and we only have three more days until our next Saturday.


lynette said...

You had a super sabado gigante (super gigantic saturday)! That video was so cute!

Jeanette said...

Cute video!

I can sympathize with you on being pregnant and having a little man wanting to be a big man but sad he's not there yet. When I say "sad" I mean "tantrums".

Glad you're enjoying the nesting phase. That new baby will come before you know it. :)

Jen said...

Watching him spray himself was ADORABLE! They all do that, but it never gets old! Love it.

Heather said...

Gosh I feel your pain. Ayden kicks when he doesn't want to cooperate and I'm getting worried about him kicking my every growing belly. This age our boys are at is so hard and not made easier by the fact that they can't even really tell us what they need either. I hope it speeds by for you!