Monday, August 11, 2008

No Theme.

There really isn't a rhyme or reason to this post. Things are going well, just going for the most part. Sunday was the longest day of the week for me, but today was so much better. Meaning, Carter had a much better day with no real meltdowns. That alone is a success compared to our experience at church yesterday. It also helps that we spend a few hours at the gym each morning. I'm convinced his time there significantly increases his happiness. He loves to be able to roam free and play with the bigger kids and I love having a little 'me' time. Mike went back to work and only has a few more weeks left in the tax group and then will be heading back to audit. He's been through the longest busy season yet this year. Hopefully he'll get a little downtime when the new baby comes early November before busy season steps into high gear again.
Here are just a few pictures from last week to show our family and friends how much we've all grown in the last week.

Finally caught a few smiles on camera. Carter 14 months.

This is Carters new favorite spot. Stiegers kennel. He crawls in and out all day. He takes toys, his sippy cup and snacks in there. I've learned to pick my battles lately and this is not one I chose to fight. Besides, it's actually pretty cute. Not the most sanitary, but cute none the less.

Here's our growing baby boy at 27 weeks. In the last two weeks I've noticed how much he's grown because it has become increasingly difficult to bend over anymore. He also moves around all of the time. A lot more active than Carter was. Last night when I was trying to fall asleep he was doing somersaults. Finally I had Mike put his hand on my tummy and even Mike was surprised at the super sized kick he received. So we're thinking, soccer player. :) We took some full body pictures, I think even I was surprised at what I was looking at in this one. Whew! We still have three more months to go.
This is where Mike usually is, working on something or studying. I joked with him after taking this picture and told him this is the look he gives me all of the time. Good news, his time at the desk paid off last week and we finally got our taxes sent in. Now we're looking forward to our refund and economic stimulus checks. Which will most likely go straight to paying for baby 2, thanks to Mike's new health insurance high deductible plan... yeah, I'm still a little bitter about this one.


Elizabeth said...

Your looking good. You look like you have a little ball in front and that is it. I finished the book twice in 4 days. I loved it but read it so fast the first time around I had to read it again. It was a lot different than I thought, but it was good. And it did leave it open for more of a story.( I hope you know I am talking about Breaking Dawn. In reply to what you left on my blog) I hope to see you at Bunco it's been a few months between both of us being gone

lynette said...

Wow! Seems like your pregnancy is flying by! Carter is so cute! I bet he's even cute during a meltdown!

Jeanette said...

Sundays are hard aren't they?! I forgot how little you can hear with little ones.

I'm with Sugie, your pregnancy is flying by. Hope your feeling well.

Kristy Stoddard said...

You are so cute Ang, and Carter looks so much like Mike. Your the cutest family. I know church is Crazy, but don't worry about other people, you do what you need to do to get through life with a little sanity. Please let me know if you need anything. A coke from sonic? :)
(Even though Pepsi Rocks the house!)