Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baby Acheivements.

It amazes me how quickly babies and toddlers grow and develop and how much information they are able to take and learn. We started teaching Carter some basic sign language a few months ago and I'm so happy that we did. He can now sign, more, eat, milk, and all done.
In addition he can also show you where his ears and nose are, oh and he likes to show you where your nose is too. As for actual talking, he still says, dadda, momma, and has started to point and say 'this'. Carter has also figured out how to climb on the couch, into the rocking chair and this past weekend has started to push himself on the lion scooter around the living room. He'll wave hello and goodbye, and if he really likes you he'll blow you a kiss.
Something else entertaining, and I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but he totally knows what the drive thru window is. As soon as we place an order he immediately makes the 'more' sign expecting french fries. I know this is not rocket science, and these are only baby achievements, but I am excited to see and experience his growth. He becomes more and more of a little man each day, constantly growing and working on his independence. We're always learning more about who he is and relish in the moments that we see his personality develop. Now if we could only do something about his stubborn streak...
Carter riding his scooter.
This is the face I get all of the time when he looks up at me jabbering.


The Youngblood Family said...

He has become such a little man. I am impressed that he can sign. That is great Angie! Keep up the hard work. :)

Cody & Jessica said...

Oh, I love watching my babies grow. It never stops amazing me either at what little sponges they are... they absorb so much info all the time. That's cool that you have taught him some signs - I never got around to that with Ava. And you are looking so cute, by the way! The pictures of you a few posts below are darling - You are teeny tiny everywhere with a cute little belly!

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