Thursday, August 28, 2008


A good friend of mine, Lynette, is having an auction starting today for a wonderful and worthy cause for another fellow blogger. Please see her message below, or go directly to her Nei Nei Auction here.

This is her post from earlier this week. I have to admit I am a blog lurker too and it's strange how you can feel connected to other bloggers, their families and lives without even personally knowing them.

"Ok, I admit it. I lurk blogs. I can't help it, really. I get interested in people's lives and their adorable children. What and where they go on vacation. Their hobbies, interests, beliefs. Then, before I know it, I feel a connection to a stranger that doesn't know I exist. A connection based on my passion for lurking and their passion for blogging.

That's why, a little over a week ago, I was shocked and overcome with sadness when I began reading the newest post at NieNie Dialouges (a blog I frequently lurk). I learned that Stephanie and her husband, Christian, had been seriously injured in a private plane crash (for more information watch here). The news hit me as though I was reading about my oldest, dearest friend. My mind filled with thoughts of her four beautiful children and I offered a silent prayer.

This Thursday, along with many others throughout the blogging community, I will be holding a silent auction on behalf of the lovely Nielson family. All of the proceeds will be donated to the Stephanie and Christian Nielson Paypal Fund set up to pay for medical expenses and household management while they recover. With Love, Lynette"

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lynette said...

thanks for spreading the word and showing your support! love for nienie...