Thursday, August 28, 2008


We took Carter in to see the pediatrician this morning. The outcome, two ear infections (this is a first for Carter who's been lucky enough to go almost 15 months without one) and most likely he actually had a concusion from his backwards fall off the chair at church on Sunday. Nothing we can do about the concusion but continue to watch him and he's doing better so no real worries, and Carter will be on antibiotics for over a week for the ear infection. So all in all, he wasn't just teething, and I'm glad we went in for his appointment. Hopefully he'll begin to be himself again and start sleeping through the night. Until then, Mike has a long weekend off and with two of us we'll be sure to provide the much needed TLC and snuggles to get him through. Thanks for your best wishes! Hugs, A


lynette said...

oh no! poor little carter! gotta love those antibiotics... he'll be back to normal in no time!

Cody & Jessica said...

Poor baby... Ear infections are sad, but it is nice that their is treatment for them.