Saturday, July 5, 2008

We're Here.

Well we survived the plane ride and are now at the beach safely with my mom. This is the first summer I get to be a stay at home mom and take off for a few weeks. I remember our first summer in Houston being completely envious of the moms at church who were able to take off with the kids for a few weeks to stay with their families. I've always had to work and therefor had to work with the typical two weeks off a year. Not this year. Carter and I are staying with my mom for a few weeks to give Mike a more productive study environment at home while he takes two more sections of the CPA exam. Although, I was envious, I have to admit it's a lot easier to travel and be out of town when you don't have kids. So I guess it's a trade off. So we'll get to spend some time with my mom and enjoy the beach and a little less humidity.

I was so nervous about flying by myself with Carter on my lap being 21 weeks pregnant. Lucky enough I was able to catch a direct flight. At the last minute, really the last minute, I was one of the last to board the plane, Mike asked the gate lady about my seat and if there was a possibility that I would have a seat empty next to me. Thank heaven for wonderful husbands, the gate attendant moved me to the first row and I had an empty seat next to me as well for Carter. To make the situation even better, there was an older couple sitting across the isle and the grandma loved Carter and was gracious enough to watch him while I use the plane facilities. Which I was so very grateful for, it was a small plane and to say the least it was one of the most unsanitary restrooms and I don't know how we both would have fit in there. All in all, we survived. Carter didn't freak out, was a little unruly at a few points and managed to sleep for the last 20 minutes of the flight.

It's nice to spend time with my mom and it's so nice to have Carter spend time with his grandma. He warmed up pretty quickly to her, but for the most part he's attached to my hip. A lot more clingy than he ever is at home. Which makes me miss Mike even more, an extra set of hands would be so nice. After all Mike is the "fun" one, and I'm the one that takes care of his needs and gives him the reassurance he needs. I'm pretty sure he misses Mike too. The only thing he managed to say all day was "da da." So we've called Mike everyday and Carter gets to talk to him on speaker phone, by talking I mean hold the phone up to his ear and listen to Mike talk to him.

We've been to the beach once since we arrived and Carter hated everything about it. Literally everything, the sand, the water, the waves. I would put him down and he would immediately yelp and put his arms up, then if a wave would come in and even touch his feet he would try to crawl up my leg. The only time he smiled was when he left the beach and walked on the boardwalk to our car. My mom took pictures and I'll post them later when I can figure out how to do it on her computer. He does however love the pool. He's a smart kid, I don't really want to swim in the ocean here either. I like water that I can see my toes in. So we've made daily trips to the pool to help pass time while out here. There are no 24 hour fitness facilities here so I am desperate for activities in the morning to kill time.

Sorry about the lengthy post. My mom is currently at the hospital working and its just me and a sleeping Carter and four tv stations. I miss my husband, my dvr, my bed, the gym and kids club. I really wish I had photoshop here so I could make a dent in all of the little projects I want to complete before baby two comes. But we'll make the most of what we've been given here. Does anyone have any book recommendations? I'm really contemplating rereading the Twilight series before the last book comes out at the end of the summer, unless someone has a better suggestion. :)


Kohler Family said...

Yes, read the twilight series. The book comes out at the begining of August so you won't have to wait long. I on the other hand read them last fall and have been waiting forever to read them!!!!!

The Hollemans said...

Im glad you survived the plane ride!! Luckily its summer and you arent missing much on TV! Have fun we'll see ya when you get back!!

lynette said...

only 4 channels--where are you? just kidding! and welcome to the wonderful world of vacationing with'll need a vacation from your vacation when you get back home! :)

Josh and Shyann Croke Family said...

One of my recent favorite authors is Shannon Hale and Dan Brown has written a couple of good books besides The Da Vinci code, so that's what I would recommend. Have you read Stephenie Myers' new book The Host, because I heard that's good too. Enjoy your vacation!