Monday, May 26, 2008


There's been a lot of growing happening at the Dille house this month... Carter now has eight teeth. Four on the top and four on the bottom. He's also become a walking machine. We're working on the transition from bottle to sippy cup. Right now he can hold his own sippy cup and drinks water in it. But he still "prefers" you to hold the sippy cup for him. :) It's amazing during this last month he's really making the transition from infant to toddler. I think it's the walking, now he looks like a big kid to me. That could also be because he's in 18 month clothes too. I really do think he's grown an inch as well this month. I had to buy new pj's because his old ones were to small in the legs and arms. Mike also gave Carter a "summer" haircut on Sunday. Now it's much easier to spike but a little too short for the mohawk. FYI- With his fine hair I discovered that bedhead manipulator works wonders and it smells good.
Then there's me and baby #2. Here I am at 14.5 weeks. Goodness the second baby shows a lot sooner. You may not think there's much, but I promise I had a flat tummy for about two months, and now not so much. This picture was from last week and I think I've doubled in size this past week. All of a sudden I look down and I have that moment when you think whoa- when did that happen? I'm in that great stage where people who don't know that I'm pregnant think I've been eating way too many cookies and am packing on the pounds. Oh well, I plan to enjoy this baby and pregnancy. Now that I'm out of the first trimester I'm actually starting to feel like a person again. Hurray!

Mike has also taken a little time this month and is growing in his hanyman skills. He's now a master at making custom baby gates. Here's a picture of his handy work. It looks great and is so much better than the overpriced ones you can buy in the store. Not to mention, I actually feel safer with this one knowing that Carter can shake it and climb on it all he wants and the gate won't go any where. If you need one, I'm sure Mike would take orders. He gets faster each one he makes, and did I mention you could paint it any color you want. We painted ours to match the trim in the house.


Kathy said...

WOW!!! Carter has grown so much! You look great! I can tell you are pregnant and not fat. Take care
Love ya

Jeanette said...

You look great! And you will appreciate the gates more than you will ever know. :)

The Youngblood Family said...

You look great! Go Mike and his handy skills. I love the gate. Very nice! Does it swing open from the side so you can pass through? And if so, how much is Mike charging? Our boys have to climb over our baby gate because it is a pain to release and attach back on!

Heather said...

Glad you're feeling better. I am too and I can totally tell you have a baby bump!

lynette said...

Everyone's growing! Wow! I wish I had a handy hubby. Our stairs here have a dangerous opening underneath the rails and Wesley is constantly peaking underneath it and I'm so afraid he's going to fall!