Sunday, May 4, 2008


Carter is known for hair in our little family. From the day he was born he's always had hair, and usually lots of it (except for month four, when the dark hair fell out and he became a dirty blonde). It's a common thing around here to wake Carter up from a nap or go get him in the morning and be greeted by a happy little infant with crazy bedhead. We woke up Saturday morning and went to go get our little ray of sunshine and found some of the best bedhead around. It also shows how desperately we need to give him a hair cut. He was all smiles for the first photo, but after that he'd had enough and wanted out.
Enjoy and have a great Sunday night! Hugs, A


The Youngblood Family said...

I am so glad my Caroline is not alone in the bedhead department :) He looks so cute!! My heart just melts when I see Caroline with her crazy hair :)

Rorie Jones said...

Sooo cute!!