Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Sunday.

Another Sunday has come and gone and I can't help but feel a little sad. I always feel so spoiled on Sundays. Mike is home and is there to help with Carter, and is just home in general and available to be with me and not so obligated to work. Since Carter was born we've had this not so traditional family tradition, where all three of us snuggle in bed in our pj's for the morning. I know it sounds lame and maybe even a waste of time, but I truly cherish the time we get to snuggle and be together. I think Carter loves it too. He's so active and hard to keep still these days and I think he finds the legs, arms, pillows and blankets great obstacles to climb over.

Like I said, Carter is all over the place these days. Put him down and turn around and he's gone. While we were cooking lunch he chased the dogs and us around the island. Mike gave in and gave him a pot and lid to play with. Who knew this would provide such entertainment. He was completely enthralled with the lid and I believe it held his attention and kept him in one spot for nearly half an hour. It's so neat to see him explore things and I always wonder what he's thinking. It must be so exciting to see everything for the first time. This phase of exploration is also keeping me on my toes. I'm constantly chasing after him and racing him to pick up something that the dogs dragged into the house before he manages to put it in his mouth. What he really loves is the door to the dog kennel. It is just his size and perfect for him to pull up on and stand. This makes me nervous the kennel door swings and isn't very sturdy for our little guy to attempt to stand with. And for the most part he is prone to bumping his head so he really needs to be hanging onto the ottoman and coach where if he falls there's less likelihood of a bruise developing on his forehead.

It was a beautiful Sunday, the sun was shining and it was a perfect 70 degrees. I don't think we could have ordered a more perfect day. I remind myself why I love Houston, I love the winter months and therefore tolerate the summer. Since we had stake conference we were home all afternoon and took our little family on a walk. It had been a while since we took the dogs out. Mike has been working such long hours and to take both dogs and the stroller would be too much for me. It would take just one squirrel or another dog to entice our dogs to pull too hard and I'm sure I would topple over with the stroller. So here is a picture of Carter before our walk. He kept his hat on the entire time we were out. Thank you Tara and Jon for the baby baseball cap to keep us in touch with my Northern Virginia/DC roots.

We're looking forward to the week. Mike should also be more available after Wednesday so that I am also excited about. Carter loves to spend time with Mike and I know Mike loves to play with him too. During the week when he gets home Carter is already asleep and when he leaves in the morning Carter is usually still asleep. He works so hard and we really appreciate him!

My mom gets into town on Wednesday and I am so excited to spend time with her and show off Carter. Last time she saw him was Thanksgiving and he's grown so much since then. I'm also excited to have some girl time with her. She's the best shopping partner a girl could ask for and when we shop there is always a trip out to lunch which I always love. I don't know why it's so much fun to go out to eat, but I love it. Something about fountain coke that puts a smile on my face. :)


lynette said...

Glad to hear Mike will be home more and that you've been taking advantage of the nice weather.
Have fun shopping with your mom!

Jeanette said...

Our family LOVES wearing p.j.s on Sundays. We get home from church and all change into our p.j.s It is kinda embarrassing when someone pops over unannounced and sees us in our p.j.s at 3 p.m.

Enjoy your mom's visit!

stacibee said...

I'm so excited for you to get your mom to come and visit. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE visits with "Grandma".

Noel Family said...

It was so good to hear from you! It seems like you're doing great. So you'll have to fill me in on why you guys are in Texas, etc. We give Mason the Mohawk also and everybody loves it! He's known as the the Mohawk baby in church :) Keep in touch.

Noel Family said...
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matt and brynn said...

I love Sunday mornings. It is so fun to just be lazy. Yeah, for no more 9 am church.

Matt and I are taking our blog private in another few days. If you want to be invited I need an e-mail address. I realized that I don't have that or a phone number anymore. Let me know on my blog.

The Youngblood Family said...

Moms are always the best shopping partners. Hope you and your mom had fun! Carter is growing up so fast! He is so cute :) Pots and pans are the best toys in the world. I should of asked for a new set at my shower?!?!? LOL

Wayne said...

Hello, you don't know who I am, I just stumbled across your blog when googling information about Houston. My wife and I are thinking of moving to the Houston area after I finish my MBA. We currently live in Provo, Utah so I am sure there will be a contrast. Do you like Houston? I would love to pick your brain if I could.