Friday, December 7, 2007

Carter Turned Six Months this Week.

Top Six Things We’ve Learned Over the Past Six Months

6. Sleep. We were told it would get better and it does. Our little man is a sleeper now and boy has life changed. Mike and I get adult time together and I finally feel like I have progressed from a zombie state to a somewhat well adjusted and rested mommy.

5. Solids. This was a battle at first and now he can’t get enough of them. Carters new thing is to kick his arms and legs with excitement when he sees the spoon. I have also learned that sweet potatoes are great, except for the times when he sneezes with a mouth full. Orange sweet potatoes every where, all over him, me and the dogs who are always nearby.

4. The Excersaucer. If you’ve seen our pictures on flicker you know that most of our pictures of Carter are of him in the excersaucer. He loves it and so do we. It provides hours of entertainment (not all at once, in small doses of 15 minutes or so throughout the day) and the best investment we made to date. Cleaning this thing is a whole other story, the soft triangles you see in most of the pictures have never been the same since Mike tried to “clean” them and then “dry” them off by flinging them in the air. The result was about an hour long project of piecing/sewing them back together –thank you Mike. Needless to say we are more careful these days with all of the mini attachment toys.

3. Mimics. Facial expressions, sounds, giggles and raspberries, he loves to mimic them all. One of my favorite moments was over Thanksgiving when Carter was trying hard to match my laugh at the table with my mom. We were all laughing and his little mouth attached to my cheek and gave me the biggest raspberry. It was such a pleasant and slobbery surprise. I’m pretty sure he didn’t know how he did it but it was way too cute.

2. Schedule. I remember the days when we didn't have kids and I thought Lindsay was crazy with her kids schedule. Now as a parent I know why she did it and she's my role model. :) It has changed our lives and brought order to our days. I have also learned through Lindsay that no one else understands the schedule like the mommy, and when I am able to get out I need to be happy that I am out and not give Mike a hard time about "messing" up the schedule.

1. Family Time. I cherish the times we get to spend together as a family of three. Nothing makes me happier to see Mike with Carter and the love he has for our son. It is in the quiet moments when we settle Carter in for the night when I can see the Lords hand in our lives. I know that Carter was meant to be ours and that he is the greatest blessing that we have received so far.
Carter Beau Dille turned six months on Dec. 4, 2007. He is now 19 lbs 4 oz and 27.5 inches long.

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lynette said...

Isn't it amazing how your life changes once your little one begins to sleep through the night! Well, at least until they can get out of their bed/crib and begin sleeping with you {horizontally I might add!}