Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Blog

So the more I look at everyone elses blog, the more I think about starting one for our little family here in Houston. So here it is. A work in progress but I have high hopes, so bare with me as I learn about creating a blog and how to advance my skills in the blog template. So this is the other dilema... are we really that interesting? We may not be, but I'll try my best to share some fun stories from our week and most of all keep everyone posted on our little miracle, Carter. He's the reason for the name of the post. For five years it has just been Mike and I, and this June we became a family of three. So we've moved up, we can now ride HOV anytime here in Houston and now our life seems so much more complete with our new bundle of joy.

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lynette said...

Welcome, but pretty soon you'll be in desperate need of a BA {bloggers anonymous} meeting!